How do you bypass windows xp professional password free

How do you bypass windows xp professional password free

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- How do you bypass windows xp professional password free 


How to Bypass Windows XP Password without Losing Data | Windows Password Reset - Method 1. Reset Windows XP Forgotten Password in Safe Mode

  You can bypass a forgotten password on Windows XP with this method as long as you never change the built-in administrator account with a blank password. · Step 2. When you boot your system, it will load the Welcome Screen. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete twice to load the user login panel. Press OK to attempt to log in without a username or password. If that doesn't work, try typing Administrator into the Username field and pressing OK. Bypass Windows XP Professional forgotten password · Tip 1: Get into operating system with another user account · Tip 2: Remove password with Windows XP.    


How do you bypass windows xp professional password free


This first way to reset forgotten password windows xp is also the best way to unleash your device from the shackles of forgotten password. It is basically a software called UnlockGo — Windows Password Recovery that has been growing in popularity due to its simple to use nature and ability to show percent results every time.

It can be said with total confidence that the ultimate software solution UnlockGo will successfully bypass windows xp password within a matter of minutes only, which is quite phenomenal giving the complexity one faces while trying to bypass windows xp password using any other method. Using command prompt you can bypass windows xp password successfully. However, the only necessary condition is that you must be able to log in to your PC using another admin account.

For bypassing windows xp password using command prompt, the simple to follow procedure is as follows:. Still wondering as how to bypass administrator password windows xp? Here is another practical way where you can try to bypass windows XP password using safe mode and command prompt.

Follow the simple steps given below:. Here is another way to bypass windows password that is exclusively available for windows XP users only. Also, this way has two preconditions: Firstly, the targeted windows XP must be set up to log in through Welcome Screen. Secondly, there must be no set password for the system administrator that you will try to use in this way. In this way, windows XP users can easily bypass windows XP password using another account.

However, you must keep in mind that this method is only effective for Windows XP Professional. The involved steps to use this way are as follows:. In such a scenario, you can take benefit of remote access feature using a different PC with windows as its OS. Here are the simple steps to use this method:.

You just need to attach the USB to your computer to start the process of windows unlocking. No installation will be required in this process. Windows XP users wondering as how to log on windows xp without password carry a lot of unanswered questions in their minds. Though the above mentioned ways are sufficient enough to successfully bypass windows XP password, yet we have tried to give answer to some of the most frequently asked questions of windows XP users related to this problem.

The Administrator account has no password by default. There will be no visible Administrator account if you have created another user account.

Now, type the following command:. The command selects your account and sets a new password. If you want to clear the password and set a new one at a later date, use the following command:. If you cannot access Computer Management using your own or an alternative account, you can use remote access instead. On a different computer it doesn't have to be Windows XP, but it does have to be a Windows machine :. If you've made it this far and are still locked on, this is the Windows XP password reset fix for you.

Furthermore, some Linux distributions have special tools for unlocking Windows systems, or you could use a Windows recovery disc. We've previously detailed the process of installing a Linux distro on a CD or USB, as well as how to reset a password. However, I'll give you a rundown of how to reset your locked Windows XP administrator account right here.

If nothing but nothing else works, and you're still somehow locked out of your account, there is only one more option: fire. Okay, not fire. But you will have to remove your hard drive from its host machine, connect it to another machine to complete a backup, and then format the drive.

Once the format is complete, you can reinstall Windows XP and enter a new password that you can actually remember. One of the tips and tricks we've covered should have helped you reset your Windows XP account password. Hopefully, you didn't have to resort to a full system nuke and reinstall—that can be a real pain!


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